June 7th, 2010


Just hoping a few of you might be able to help....

I dunno if you all are aware of my sis, maubast or her situation, but here's a quick breakdown. She has lupus, has had for about 15 years and is unable to work. She has two kids and her mom has her own set of health issues as well. Well, unexpectedly, her father died, their sole means of any income. She's had to sell their only mode of transportation, is still unable to work and it's up to her to take care of her mom and her kids, (her dog too) and she's in the worst possible position you can imagine. She still hasn't paid for her father's cremation (they couldn't afford a funeral) and still has to find a way to survive. She was great when I lost my folks and I want to try and help in any way I can too. So if there's anything at all anyone can do to help here, please read on.

In response to my asking for any help folks might give to Bast's family after the sudden loss of her father, a number of very generous folks have offered fannish goods and gift certificates and it was suggested an auction might be a good idea to help benefit her and her family.

So, I will be doing an online auction starting on June 18th also to benefit Bast and her family and would like to solicit anything that anyone would like to donate (be it tangible goods or icons for livejournal, fanfiction, custom wallpapers, you name it) for that event. I can be contacted at joyceh@lionheartdistribution.com if you'd like to donate or would like the URL for the auction.

Many many Thanks to the generous folks who sent aid, be it tangible or kind comforting thoughts and emails. It was, and is, VERY much appreciated. Bast and her family are still struggling, but she would like everyone to know she appreciates very much those people who have been so kind to her during this awful time.

Questions or comments may be directed to me at joyceh@lionheartdistribution.com

Thank you,

(Permission granted to forward to any appropriate journals or lists/persons - thank you for passing the word)
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