April 25th, 2013


They're forcing my hand

You know I'm tired of being forced into doing something I'd rather not. Currently, it's LJ making me post.

I have nothing to say that anyone gives a rats ass about. I'm sick all the time. I can't sleep. I'm in constant pain. I'm tire, cranky and lonely. No one talks to me or cares. I get it. I'm not around, I have no money, and would rather just crawl in a hole and forget it all. Even sis isn't around. I get it.

It's my fault. I don't deny it. But I figure everyone was sick of listening to me because nothing changes. Well, I guess I should say, doesn't get better. Ever. Only worse. It is what it is. Why should anyone else have to listen.

But now LJ is making me post. Even though this is a permanent account. I'm SICK of being made to do crap I shouldn't have to.