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Day 19, Patio and awards

Yes, for those of you who are wondering what "Day 19" means, it means it's been 19 whole days my mom has been in a good mood. Trust me, this is quite the accomplishment. Better living through chemicals! YEAH! Anti-depressants are great things--too bad we partake of them 25 years ago. She's only been on them less than a month and I feel like I have my mom back. About damn time. Now I don't dread dealing with her anymore.

And yes, we're finally getting the patio built! They just showed up about 20 minutes ago and will have it finished sometime today. Finally, a real patio--one we don't have to weed-wack! wav will be one happy camper.

Now on to two recently awarded banners--I think I have 2 more on the way.

Viggo Stills First Place

Bloom N Depp Challenge Third Place

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