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New Dave Stillness Community open and icons

I finally did it. I started a dave_stillness Community since so many people love Dave and enjoy making such beautiful icons.


I could really use the help. Especially someone who understands coding LJ. It's all geek to me.

The first contest will be "Design the Community".

This is all new to me, so any help would be greatly appreciated. I need a couple of moderators, no experience necessary, though helpful. Drop me a note to: or leave me a message here. I'll try and keep a close eye on things.

Tentative deadline July 15th.

And as I've been promising to do, here's my newest batch of Dave icons.


Dave #58 Dave #72 Dave #75

01. Dave #53 02. Dave #54 03. Dave #55

04. Dave #56 05. Dave #57 06. Dave #58

07. Dave #59 08. Dave #61 09. Dave #62

10. Dave #63 11. Dave #64 12. Dave #65

13. Dave #66 14. Dave #67 15. Dave #58

16. Dave #70 17. Dave #71 18. Dave #72

19. Dave #73 20. Dave #74 21. Dave #75

22. Faramir #24 23. Faramir #25 24. Faramir #26

25. Faramir #27

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