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Uh oh--Tagged again...

Does anyone have a Wire Image account? Two people in the past 24 hours have asked me and I told them no, but I'd ask my flist. Help?

jennlynn820 tagged me for the music meme.

Name 5 albums/songs that you associate with something in your life -a time, place, event etc. Then pass it on to 5 others.

1. Crazy for You by Heart. Lost my virginity to that one. Love the song, divorced the man. Heh heh

2. Housequake by Prince. Dancing on the hood of a car at midnight. Ahhh... memories.

3. Hysteria by Def Leppard. The sounds of spring. *sighs happily* Every spring, I pull put Def and crank it up. It's the sounds of warm weather to me, kinda like the Beach Boys are to some people

4. One More Try by George Michael. Music to relax and sleep by. Also reminds me of the guy I used to live with--quiet nights, laying in the floor together, listening to the song playing.

5. Seattle by Perry Como. Talk about bizarre with the rest of these, but there's something about that song that always made me feel happy, expectant. Even as a child, it made me feel like anything was possible.

EDIT: Uh oh--forgot to tag. Anyone who wants to--have at.

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