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Another day

Tired. Very tired. Woke up with "The Leg Cramp From Hell" which caused my back to tighten and the shooting pain on my left to begin again. *sigh*

Strange dreams again last night. Nothing like being yelled at by someone at a new job telling you, "You don't fit. Get out. We don't want you here." Kinda has a tendency to color the rest of the day.

I looked forward to today to do stuff I wanted to do, creatively. And basically, I've not accomplished anything. I think because I'm tired and I just plain hurt.

Seems I've accumulated a few banners over the past couple of weeks.

Viggo Stills Second Place

Bean Stillness Regular Challenge First Place

Bean Stillness Regular Challenge Second Place

Bean Stillness Theme Challenge First Place

Why is it I just adore Orlando but can't seem to win any Orli Challenges?

Also, I recently did three icons for a challenge but they got missed and didn't get entered. So here they are:

1. PotC Regular Challenge 2. PotC Theme Challenge #1 3. PotC Theme Challenge #2

I promise to post a bunch more icons in the next few days. Making them is fine. Coding LJ when I nod off every 5 minutes? Not so good for coding. ;)

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