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For those of you not wanting to subect yourself to my Irritable rant, the fussing is under the cut.

So it should be easy to go pick up meds, right? I go to Kroger every month and pick up my meds for acid reflux--paid for through the state. Right?

Not today.

Seems my "paperwork expired". Uh huh. Without them being arsed to let me know there was even an expiration. And even though nothing has changed, I still have to make another road trip downtown and wait for hours so they can take the information again that they already have. To top it off, the lady I spoke with on the phone was a condescending bitch when I asked her when I could apply, what floor and her name. She got all snotty, told me and hung up, not even bothering to find out if I had any other questions such as whether or not I had to bring any other paperwork with me.

I'm sick of this. Being treated like scum on the bottom shoes all because I'm unemployed due to illness and don't have health insurance. There aren't even any offices on this end of town for me to go to. Oh no, I have to make another damn road trip downtown after already being down there 2 times in the past 5 days. If I'd known this was expiring, I could have handled it when I was down there yesterday instead of wasting more gas at $2.37 a gallon. Since I have so much money to blow. *snort*

And the kicker? Last time I filled this paperwork out, I was told "24 hours". Not hardly--more like 7 weeks because the woman who took my info couldn't be arsed to actually send it into the capital and get it filed.

Frustrated? Hell yeah!! Pissed? You betcha'!

Medical in this country SUCKS. From doctors, to medicine, the whole ball of wax is bullshit. THe rich keep getting richer and I'm treated like a second-class citizen--and only that on a good day.

Something needs to give.

And they wonder why I have high blood pressure.
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