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More banners

I finally am getting around to posting some more winning icon banners. Hmmmmm... must be my "gold phase", eh wav? I'm really dreading the "Fuscia phase" and "neon green phase". ;)

Also, a quick note to anyone who might have seen the movie "Sahara" and thought it in the least bit slashy. There's a new community open, sahara_slash. Go, check it out and give it a try. Fic will be posted there for sure and probably icons, wallpapers, etc., will find their way there as well.

I swear I have icons to post, but not until the icepick leaves the side of my face. Trying to code for 60 icons is just a little too much with all the pain right now. Sorry.

Also, challenge two for vigorli_stills is still going on as is the current karl_stillness contest. I'm going to pick a winner for the "Design the community" for dave_stillness and try and get it coded in the next couple of days. I'll post the first icon challege a little later tonight.

1. Viggo Third Place

2. Viggo Third Place

3. Viggo Second Place
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