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National Treasure

I finally got to see "National Treasure" yesterday and I *loved* this movie, but then again, I *love* "Troy" so I guess that means I could never be a movie critic.

National Treasure gave me everything I wanted and expected. Lots of action, history, intrigue and the scenery wasn't bad either. Granted, it's not rocket science, but I got everything I wanted from it. Like the mysteries I loved as a child, it brought back that feel and I really enjoyed it. Granted, Sean wasn't always perfect in his delivery, nor was Diane Kruger. But Nick Cage was as enjoyable to me as he always is and the extra bonus of Beanie was icing on the cake.

Strange how circles run in movies. Sean and Diane on "Troy" and now "National Treasure", Orlando and Sean on "LotR" and then "Troy", and I think Orli's with someone in "Kingdom of Heaven" that he filmed with on "LotR". Orlando and Eric Bana on "Black Hawk Down" and then again on "Troy". It's just interesting to me to see the connections.

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