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Ever have one of those days...

I'm having one. I need to be inspired. I need to stop worrying about things I can't control and wondering if I'm always the one at fault. I need to stop shouldering responsibilty for things I have no control over. I need to move on and chalk it up to yet another learning experience.

Not always so easy.

I have 200 icons to make--40 of which need to be posted in the next few days. Yet I can't find the inspiration to make them. Every time I start, I feel like what I do is complete and utter shit and so I trash them and start again, only to repeat the process all over again. It's just hard to be creative when something is making you heartsick.

So--if any of you out there give a shit--inspire me. Write me something or give me a picture or hell--ANYTHING that will spark something within me--something creative.

Just basically feeling useless, worthless and cretively stunted.

And I miss the past.

EDIT: And yes maubast I took my meds. *sticks out tongue*
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