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Apology and honesty to (you know who you are)

It seems I hurt someone important to me that I didn't mean to. I never mean to hurt this person, only be supportive and yet again, I've mucked up an important relationship. Seems I'm not safe to interact with anyone these days.

Anyway, I'm sorry. Words were never meant to hurt, wound or cause tears. It was my thoughtlessness and lack of introspective that led me to do what I did without thought. I am sorry and it's all my fault.

I do not wish things to change between us--that was never even a consideration. I'm sorry I made you mad and then hurt you in response. I never want to do that. I only want to be caring and supportive. I admire you and care about your feelings.

I'm sorry. I hope you can accept that and allow me to make amends.
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