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Etown Premier

I am SO going. Now just to find out where in Louisville it's going to screen.

wav, Wanna go to E-Town with me???? *bounce*

ELIZABETHTOWN, Ky. - Hardin County will host the first U.S. screening of "Elizabethtown," director Cameron Crowe's nod to his Kentucky roots.

The film, starring Orlando Bloom and Kirsten Dunst, will debut at an invitation-only screening on Sept. 17 at Movie Palace in Elizabethtown, WQXE-FM in Elizabethtown reported Friday.

More than 250 invitations will be sent out for the local premiere, which will take place at 1 p.m. at The Movie Palace in Elizabethtown following a catered barbecue lunch at 11:30 a.m. at Freeman Lake Park.

Bloom plays Drew, whose father dies while visiting family in Kentucky. While flying home, he meets Dunst's character Claire, an airline hostess.

Crowe, who directed "Jerry Maguire" and "Almost Famous," will be at the premiere in Elizabethtown. Crowe's father was raised in Powell County.

The film will be shown again in Louisville later that night, and Bloom is planning to attend. Bloom is best known for "Lord of the Rings" and Dunst for her role in the "Spiderman" series.

Parts of the movie were filmed last year in Elizabethtown, Versailles, Louisville and Winchester.

The film debuted at the Venice Film Festival in Italy this week.

"Elizabethtown" is scheduled to be released in mid-October.
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