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Elizabethtown book info and opinion - HELP!

Since so many people have asked, here's a pic of the book. The first is the book out of the plastic cover and the second one shows the plastic sleeve with the name of the film embossed on it in the foreground.

Elizabethtown Book Elizabethtown Book

The book was obtained on Ebay and the seller stated it was available at the Toronto Film Festival. So far, it's not available for purchase anywhere (that I know of) and I'm not sure if it ever will be.

Now, here's where the opinion is needed.

Sis sent me some money to get some E-town stuff, and this book was part of it. I really wanted one of the large standees that they put up in the theatre. I won one on Ebay--darn cheap too--except for the shipping--$20--but it was all covered by the money she sent me. Now the guy writes me and tells me the cost to ship is $47! He says he'll refund the money or will ship for the additional cost. That's a lot of damn money considering that I won the standee for like $12. I just don't have money lying around. I've been out of work for 7 years due to health reasons. But I really want this. Do I ask for a refund or go sell some cd's to pay for the shipping? Be honest.

[Edit] Oops--he wants and additional $47!!!!
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