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Weird dream

And it's all because of seeing Prince at the People's Choice Awards last night. I don't know what these meds are doing to me, but the strange, disjointed dreams need to stop. Why can't I have nice, sexy dreams?? Instead I get something like out of a Farscape episode.

All I remember about this dream is shopping for a new Prince cd mix with Wav, CKR, Un4, Roy and Orlando Bloom. And when we get to this store, runing into a guy, Bear, I used to buy music from at this little hole-in-the-wall. I found what I was looking for and for some reason, this music store had other stuff in it like t-shirts, posters, buttons--the usual stuff--but they also had balloons and stuffed animals. Of course, anyone who knows me know I love bunnies, and they had one--a lavendar one. So Orlando gets it for me and then starts writing all over it with a felt tip marker--drawing pics and writing funny stuff and signing his name. Wav freaks thinking I may wig out and hurt him, CKR laughs and steps back to avoid the punch and Un4 leans over and says "You gonna let him do that?" And I turned to her with gritted teeth and say "If it were anyone else, he'd be dead." Roy finds this all extremely funny and I was not in any way amused. But then Orlando hands me the bunny and hugs me and damned if I didn't wake up.

Maybe I shouldn't have eaten that blueberry muffin so close to bedtime....

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