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Lord of the Rings Exhibit

In a word?


I'm not very good at giving reports but I'll say a few words about the sheer awesomeness of the Exhibit. If you want more info:

wav and I got up early--yes, I actually saw morning hours with sun for a change instead of the moon, and hit the road. Traffic was good--and considering just where we were going--call me shocked. Anyway, we got there quicker than we had anticipated but it gave us time to get coffee and coke before our designated time for the exhibit.

Just as we walked in, "YOU SHALL NOT PASS" blared at us from deep into the exhibit and it made me giggle. We wondered if we were supposed to go left or right and in hindsight, we probably should have gone left, but it was unstructured and we could wander aimlessly and take as much time as we wanted. So by taking that right turn, one of the first things we saw was "Boromir" in the funeral boat. Let me tell you--*that* was totally and completely freaky. If I were Sean Bean, I'd have read the obituaries to make sure I wasn't listed. It was *that* lifelike, right down the the tiniest skin imperfections and individual hairs and ragged fingernails. Absolutely amazing!

They offered some things like "become a warrior" on a green screen and "Have your picture taken in Bilbo's Home" but we passed on those. I hate having my picture taken and I was there for other stuff.

My god, the papers from Minas Tirith--faded, aged and worn, Sauron's book, just amazing! As were Strider's clothing as well as Legolas' and the Ringwraiths! The detail was just beautiful as were the minatures and prostetics. I paid close attention to the fabrics including the leathers and shoes. The detail was mind-blowing!

The exhibit had special video including interviews with Elijah, Ian and Viggo. I was practically beaming with all the praise heaped on Viggo through the exhibit itself--telling what we knew that he wore the outfit all the time and mended it himself to Bob Anderson saying he was the best natural talent in a swordsman he'd even had the pleasure of working with. High prise considering some of the people he's worked with in the past. I only wish they'd had something with Orlando about Legolas or his experience. Two of the things I wanted most to see--Aragorn's and Faramir's coronation costumes were nowhere to be found, and I *really* wanted to see them up-close and personal.

The exhibit included the crowns, the rings, the palantir, swords, knives, shields, armor and various other things such as a cave troll and loads of artwork.

They did provide helmets, body armor and chain mail for touch and weight as well as swords they encouraged you to touch and feel the differences in.

It was awesome and well worth the ticket cost, lack of sleep and travel time. I only wish I could see all three movies at the IMAX the day after Christmas. That would be so freaking awesome! wav says no. LOL I get that.

And here's a small pic of the pewter figure I wanted. I also wanted the Legolas standee, but I just didn't have the money. I walked away without one single souvenir. Sucks to be poor. Anyway, it was loads of fun and if you get a chance to--GO!

Pewter Aragorn
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