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Help Viggo help the Lakota

Please post this in your LJ's and pass it around (I'm not sure where it's acceptable and let's face it, the more it gets around, they better off the Lakota are)...

Viggo Mortensen is a member of the poetry community in Los Angeles and is also an adopted member of the Lakota Nation. Recently, he made a donation to a cause supported by that community, one that is very close to him.

The Lakota Reservation in Hermosa South Dakota is very poor and populated mainly by children and the elderly. Their houses don't have central heat and the winters are harsh. A fundraiser was held by poets in LA this past weekend to raise money for propane, blankets and clothing for the reservation. Mr. Mortensen donated autographed copies of Miyelo, a collection of Lakota/English poems and frontier photographs. Donor fatigue plagues us all this year and there were two books left over. This is a second chance for the donation to benefit the reservation. Please go and bid:

If you cannot afford the asking price and still want to help, there is a wish list that you can choose to purchase from and ship directly to the reservation. These items would include:

Child sized winter coats
Child sized underwear (especially girls)
Child sized long underwear
Child sized mittens, hats and gloves
Child sized shoes
or, monetary donations are also appreciated as well

Please send all donations to:

Lovey Two Bulls
HCR 89 Highway 40
Hermosa, SD 57744
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