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Help again...

Can anyone please help? I am going insane trying to burn a damn audio cd. Nero sucks. Windows Media player sucks has me wanting to toss the damn thing across the room. Can anyone suggest some sort of freeware that would allow me to burn songs onto a disc that is user friendly that a 12 year old could use? I've had it. How fucking hard should it be to burn 11 songs to a damn cd? Yet I've been dealing with this for two days.


I used to have Roxio Easy CD Creator and it worked. I also had a tiny little thing called CD Copy that I loved. It was so easy and it always worked. Yet I have XP now and it's not compatible.

I just want shit to work.

How hard is that?

I need a link to download something that will work with XP that either Is free or I can crack. I'm sick of this.

Thanks in advance and please pardon my rant. Music is my life and making cd's *should* be easy.
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