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Elizabethtown songs

Thanks to maubast (YOU DA'BOMB, WOMAN!) who has iTunes, here are the songs currently available for download. I've uploaded the four to Yousendit for those of you,like me, who don't have iTunes.

Also, I've begun work on my icons100 challenge of Drew Baylor, so I should have a few to post soon. And no, I've not forgotten to post more behind-the-scenes pics of E-town, I just honestly don't have the time right now since I'm heading out for a road trip, but I'll post some more after Christmas. I've got over 150 portrait pics, hi res, of Orli and Kirsten, most of which you guys have seen. You want me to post them anyway? (20.14 MB)

If this runs out, I'll re-upload once I return home Sunday night.

I really want to see this movie again... Bad.

And Happy Holidays to my flist! Hope all your dreams come true! *group hug*

[EDIT] For those Eric Bana fans on my flist--I just saw a story about "Munich" on CNN Headline News. Lots of Eric behind-the-scenes footage and a quick talk with Spielberg. It's only about a 3 minute spot, but lots of Bana-goodness. These things usually run once an hour too. So plenty of time to get.
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