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Wanting to cry

My external harddrive is in-accessable. The power cord broke last night and I'm a freaking mess. I spent a good 2 hours trying to connect the thing to my pc after I got home and then my roommie tried too and that's when she discovered the broken wire.

Of course, no one carries power cords, though Best Buy said they did. So I gather up my HD and cords and take it over to get a cord and I'm greeted by a guy who tells me no--"no power cord". Two guys later, I find one who tells me I can buy a case which has the same power cord in it. I don't need the case, but I NEED THAT PLUG. So I grab it and get in line. Thankfully, the line moved quickly but I had time to open the box and check to see that, in fact, a power cord was inside the box. I then pay for it, fight the traffic and bring it home.

Doesn't fit.

Close, but no cookie.

And of course Western Digital is closed today because of the holiday. weee.

So I'm so upset and sick to my stomach now, I don't even want to look at the pc today. I'm not even sure the hd will still work since it gave me two flashing red lights.

Anyone got any experience with anything like this that's willing to talk me off the ceiling?

Everything, and I do mean *everything* is on that HD. All my vids, all my art, pictures, fiction--EVERYTHING.

I think I'm gonna hurl.

But on a good note, thanks to mata060980 for the beautiful icon I'm using here (please don't take but just admire) another beauty from tularia

and to arthael for my equally beautiful extra-special-one-of-a-kind wallpaper...

Also, Roy and I went to see "Elizabethtown" again last night. That makes 12 for me and 6 for him. Wonder if I can make that "a baker's dozen"? ;)
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