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Quick update

But first, I just want to say that all of you are wonderful and absolute lifesavers! So many of you have already sent me links or have mailed me cds of things I lost in the crash. My flist is truly the best and *hugs* to all of you.

As for the HD--still no word. I think I'm half afraid to contact my tech to hear what he has to tell me. But I guess I'll contact him tomorrow to see if he could retrieve *anything* for me off the drive. THen I guess I go from there.

Right now, I need to ask a favor of you guys.

As you know, I lost a lot of my music and lyrics. *sigh* If not for sis, maubast I would have lost them all. It's just a real good thing we share. ;) But I *did* lose a lot and that's where I need your help. I need lyrics from the "Elizabethtown" songs. Do any of you have any of them? And while you're at it, *any* lyrics would be greatly appreciated. Just throw them all in your replies and I'll be forever grateful.

I'm really going to owe you guys big by the time this is all over. I'll try my best to post some pics tomorrow too. *flist hug*

Btw, after losing all of this and so many of my friends experiencing the same, I got to thinking. Is there an LJ where people can post for help in finding stuff--like pics, music, whatever, after a pc crash. Surely we aren't the only fandom that's experienced this. What about the others? Do they have as great friends as I do? Can anyone tell me of any community like this? Seems like it would be really useful to me. I haven't even hit you guys up for stuff I lost in my other older fandoms. We who have lost things, can't be alone in this, right? Or are we?

Thoughts? Ideas? Comments? Suggestions.
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