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I want a do-over

Ever have one of those days when you just know you should never have rolled out of bed?? Well, I've had one, and I think my cold is back again. I feel like I've been hit by a truck load of Spasmotica's.

Hard drive? Un-recoverable, says local tech--$35 for that fabulous news.

Need a phone battery. Easy, right? Not hardly--5 places later I finally find two.

My favorite ice cream--peppermint. Only available at Christmas. Broke all month so I couldn't get any. Now I have enough money for some and yep--you guessed it--they're out.

Dinner--as Joe Pesci says in Leathal Weapon II, "They fuck you in the drive-thru". Yes, part of my dinner missing.

I quit.


But as promised, here's a link to the "Elizabethtown" Original Score by Nancy Wilson. Enjoy!
Tags: hard drive crash, personal

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