araestel (araestel) wrote,

Okay... I have a question...

As you know, things have really sucked for me recently. *sigh*

But what I want to know is what are 3 things you're most thankful for that happened this past year.

Then I want to know your 3 brightest hopes for the new year.

Just call me nosey.

So to start it off here's my list:

1. My wondeful flist. You guys are so sweet and are helping me *so* much in recovering things from my HD. *hugs*
2. My roommie wav just for putting up with me and also maubast for the same. I know I'm high-maintenance, though I truly don't mean to be. Thank you for putting up with me.
3. Orlando--specifically "Elizabethtown". He makes me smile and I love this movie. 'Nuff said.

1. That the projecs I'm attached to get a go-ahead and actually do happen.
2. That all my flist have their dreams come true
3. That _sweetangel gets well and suffers no more pain in her life--only joy and laughter.

So? Share! ;)
Tags: meme
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