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I love my Flist...

You guys are really the best anyone could *ever* hope for. You've been so great and supportive and a mere "thank you" seems so inadequate for the help and support you've shown me.

I've received enough packages that I feel like it's Christmas again!! LOL

Thanks to my following wonderfullovelybeautifulgenerousstupendousfriends:

causette, un4scene, caplinsea and Sara (no lj name--help!) for the data cds!!!!! And not one cd broken!!! You guys have really helped make all this loss bearable. (And I'll go ahead and thank bluespirit_star here as well--I know I have goodies on the way. ;)

Thanks to my sis, maubast for tirelessly uploading folder after folder after folder so I could download so much of what we'd shared. You're really the best. *AND* she helped me regain a large portion of my art I'd done over the years as well. Guess it pays to share, huh? LOL

Also, thanks to (god, I hope I don't miss anyone, but if I do, drop me a line and I'll edit this post): nikitas_lair for the pics, mesnica for the tunes, elle_4you for the bods, kailorien for the E-town clip and forum suggestion, to jack4will for the Johnny pics, beautiful_hooch for the Orli images, _sweetangel for the help with Viggo, belladonnaslair for her old *and* new fic to help keep me sane, lala_salama for the Heath pics, to ladymarmalade77 for the downloads, ancabell for the vids, to fileg and notarysojac for their data recovery suggestions, to elflady_2001 for reminding me about OLove, to sirenslily for the pick-me-up of her gift card, and to everyone else who has/is helping me recover data. I honestly cannot thank you guys enough. (Drop me a note and remind me if you helped and I failed to thank you specifically and I'll edit my post to reflect my undying gratitude. Cold meds tend to make me a tad more scatterbrained than normal. I *do* know I'm missing a couple of people here.)

Special thanks to wav just for putting up with my tears, bitching, and moaning and trying to help me recover the external. It was a good try, yeah?

[Edit #1] Thanks to ms_erupt for the song and the lyrics help. *hugs* (See? I knew I'd end up leaving out people even though I tried really hard not to.)
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