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Thirty-Eight Thousand Dollars *THUD*

That's what the gift box is worth that the Golden Globe presenters receive for showing up tonight and doing a three-minute stint in front of a microphone. It includes items such as Godiva chocolates, Dell MP3 players, new style cell phones, jewelry, martini glasses, gift certificates for golf and baby stuff as well as a ticket on Quantas "business class" to *Australia* to a winery where the celebs get to tour and bottle their own wine. Think someone we know will make a detour to New Zealand? ;)

I can't believe how much these things are worth! Like any of these celebs *need* any of this stuff--like they can't afford it! *snort* Why not take all this *crap* and donate money to the Tsumani victims in their names instead? But maybe I'm just too realistic for my own good.

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