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The Road to Elizabethtown Bonus Disc-Parental Guidance for rant/language ahead

Here's a few caps from the bonus disc from Best Buy--and OY, the shit I went through to get this. I say again--I *HATE* BEST BUY!!!!

After only a few hours sleep the night before (after hours of spring cleaning) I get there at 9:45 waiting for them to open. I'm the third one through the door and the first to grab the E-town dvd. Now I looked thoroughly and even asked someone in that area if there was anything special with the purchase of the dvd and I was told "no". The soundtrack was with the movie--a non-specific display dump in the middle of the floor--very disappointing. I looked at the covers of them all to make sure I got widescreen and made sure to grab one with the "special red sticker" denoting "deleted scenes". Then I get up to checkout--I was so quick I had to wait for them to finish opening their registers and asked again if there was anything special with the purchase. She checked her pc and even pulled out the Sunday ad and checked and I was told "no, just the $3 off the price". Damn! Okay, figures. Thanks to grey853 and the gift card she'd sent me for my birthday, I got out damn cheap. I get back home, went to Tumbleweed to grab food for lunch and after eating, started cleaning again before Roy was due to come over to watch the movie with me. He gets here at 4:20 and I hear from sis, maubast and she's like "You got the bonus disc, right?"

[enter heart stopping confusing here]

"HUH??????????????" "WHAT bonus disc?" I squeak.

"The Best Buy ad here said there was a special bonus disc with it."

[insert sounds of blatant hostility here] "I *asked* them when I was there and they said no. I asked *two* people! Let me call those fuckers and find out what the hell is going on."

"Call me back and if you can't get, I'll drive over and get you one," sis tells me, knowing it's a freaking roadtrip for her, but she loves me so is willing to put up with my extensive shit.

"Okay. Goddamn fucking Best Buy!!! I hate those wankers!!"

So I call the store I was at when it opened yesterday morning and after 2 attempts to try and get them to answer their phone (4:20 in the afternoon), I talk to someone who says yes, "I'll save one for you. Widescreen or Full screen? Just come back to media and ask for 'Brandon'." I tell him, "Widescreen, and I'll be there in 15 minutes."

Easy, huh? Not hardly! *snort* Not when Bastard Best Buy is involved.

I get to the store and guess what???? Uh huh. No widescreen. Well, to say I'm on the verge of going *postal* is an understatement. I told him to "get on the phone and call the other store and FIND ME ONE--NOW!"

Luckily, they have one across town, so it's road trip time--DURING RUSH HOUR BY THE AIRPORT, and needless to say, I ain't happy. I finally get to the other store and am in the checkout and the girl says, "Did you find everything you want."


*deep breath*

"After two stores, 3 trips and since 9:30 this morning--YEAH. Fiinally"

God, I hate Best Buy. I really, really do.

I'd almost rather go to the dentist than to deal with them. [insert expletives and general grumbling here]

Anyway, here's the caps from the bonus disc. And yes, I included a zip file today at the bottom of the page.


Link to screencaps:
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