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Humor me...

I'm really needing to vent and thought you guys might be interested in hearing the latest shit to come my way.

As you may or may not know, I run the official site for an actor (who shall remain nameless and you'll soon understand why) and *have* run this site officially since... oh, I think '99.

As in most fandoms, there are "people" who want more than actors are prepared to give. Okay--frankly--let's call a spade a spade and call it what it is--STALKER. And some of these people have questioned my authenticity at every turn because I started the site from first being a "fan". The site was always presented and maintained as a "news & updates" site. Everything was verified before being posted and no rumors were *ever* printed. Due to this, the actor's people were impressed and awarded my site "official" status, a status I have maintained since that November night it was first made official.

I could tell you horror stories of his "fans" and the inexcusable treatment I've received by them, all in their quest to get close to him and be the ones with the "toys". They've made my life hell to the point of physical illness and even driving me to the degree of removing myself from the fandom absolutely and completely. Why stay where everything reminds me of the hell the "fans" put me through? They badgered me to the point I had to come here and re-invent myself and that's why I don't like giving out my real name. I don't want them to find me here. I was some modocum of peace, which I don't think is too much to ask for.

For the past year, he's done pretty much nothing as an actor. He's done a one-shot in a film that *he* swears will end up on the cutting room floor and two personal appearances. He asked me to not list the film on his site, so I didn't. There's just nothing to report. Nothing. Other than a film he and his brother shot but isn't available for purchase, that I even have a copy of but can't do anything with yet, that's it.

Anyway, I get this in my mail tonight (edited to remove names and site reference):

We assume that by now you are aware of our press release announcing that we have been chosen by (actor) to create and maintain a family of official websites for him.

We see that you renewed the (actor) domain yesterday. We sent you several emails trying to find out what your plans were as the site was allowed to lapse for more than a year. We heard through the fandom that you were ill and perhaps no longer interested in keeping it up.

Either way, (actor) has now made a decision to have this team maintain his official sites. Any efforts to update these sites as official will be in direct violation of (actor's) wishes. We would very much like to have the domain names to go along with that. The domains would be purchased at market price and then turned over to (actor) as owner. We would very much appreciate it if you'd talk to us directly about the possibility of taking care of things in the manner (actor) wants them done.

We hope to hear from you soon. We will be speaking to (rep) tomorrow to apprise him of the situation.

thank you,





All that and more!!! To say I am ROYALLY PISSED is an understatement. My site for him is THE official site and that's that. But this strong-armed tactic is an all-new low for even *this* bunch of bitches! And to have the nerve to threaten me to NOT update the official site I maintain????

I've tried and sis has tried googling these people and looking on yahoo for them, their "family of sites", info, etc., and there's NOTHING. Yet they're trotting all over the fandom making this "Official Announcement" and slandering my good work/name in the process and making it look as though the official site was bogus all along.

I own the .net, .com and .org addys and by damn--they'll have to pry them from my cold, dead, bleeding hands to get them away! I got them for my actor and told him if he wanted, they're his. That simple. And he knows it.

I just want all of this particular-unnamed-fandoms fans to go away and leave me the fuck in peace. I'm so mad I'm shaking. My blood pressure is sky high too. Just what I need.

The actor says it's all bogus and bullshit. Lord knows what his manager is saying and until I talk to him tomorrow, I'm biting my tongue. My actor says to not worry and I'm not fussing about the official status, just their bad-mouthing me and the site. THAT pisses me off. It's so hard to build up a good reputation and in one off-handed remark or "announcement", it causes me months of hard work just to get back to the status the site was before.


I'm going to update his site now and you know what? They can BITE ME.
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