araestel (araestel) wrote,


I just saw the funniest thing...

I had it tuned to ET and E! to see what was the word on the PotC: DMC and on ET, Mary Hart was interviewing Jerry Bruckheimer from Japan. She asked hi is Will and Elizabeth will get married in the third film and would there be new villians. Jerry answered, "Well, Many I can't tell you that, but we've filmed some for the thrid already and it won't be rleased until next year. We do have Chow Yun Fat and a special cameo by Keith Richards". Then they cut to the scene of DMC where Jack turns to Gibbs and says "Hide the Rum", and then they show clips of Keith. OMG--SOOOOO funny!!

He [Keith] was *so* drunk when he fell out of that tree! Damn skippy, hide the rum! LOL
Tags: pirates of the caribbean

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