araestel (araestel) wrote,

Okay... I don't usually get blunt on-line

But I am *sick* of seeing nothing but Jack/Elizabeth fics now that PotC:Dead Man's Chest is out. I had such high hopes for fic after this sequel hit the screens and after always having a hard time finding any fic in the fandom--and by fic I mean something that is over two pages in a word document. I'm not into snippets, drabbles, prompts, long sentences, whatever you call them. They're like Tic-Tacs--satisfying for about 20 seconds and then they're gone with no lasting impact. But hey--that's me. But I just *knew* there would be more Jack/Will and Jack/Will/Elizabeth fics after the films release!! I'd *counted* on it. But other than one Will/Davy (ouch) it's ALL Jack and Elizabeth--NO Will and I don't mind saying I feel cheated *especially* when WILL is the only character that seems to have remained true to the established characterizations, IMO. I'm frustrated, aggrivated and disheartened.


So if I'm missing any new fics or anyone knows of any good older stuff--please, help me out. I don't need this kind of frustration.

[EDIT] Okay, there's one--a WIP by scifiroots which I look forward to reading once it's done.
Tags: fiction, pirates of the caribbean
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