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Looking for slash writers...

Slash writers!Looking to be published? Sybaritic Press invites Slash authors of all Fandoms to submit for:

Slash and Burn, An Erotic Anthology
release date: April 2007

The press is looking for new writers NOW. Go--check it out!

Please feel free to share this with all fandoms and writers from Due South, X-Files to Lord of the Rings. Posting alerts on mailings lists are fine as well.

[EDIT] CLARIFICATION - Sybaritic Press isn't publishing the slash as written (ie--fandom pairings such as Aragorn/Legolas, Jack/Ennis, Ray K/Fraser, etc.). The fic would need be converted into original fiction without the references to the shows or films. This isn't aimed at individual fandoms, it's aimed at readers who like seeing male characters together. There are many of them (among them gay men, where the titles sell well) who have never heard of Sparrington or whomever else.
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